NSIMD is a C/C++ library providing simple and direct access to vector computation units found in almost all processors

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NSIMD is a computation library to

develop neural network engines, image processing and vision algorithms, numerical simulations, financial computations
Provides three generic C and C++ APIs to access SIMD computation units
The library provides three generic APIs to use SIMD. They all allow generic programming via macros for the C API and via templates for the C++ APIs. All APIs are either C89 or C++98 compatible.
Writing SIMD code becomes easy
Using NSIMD will boost your coding efficiency. Your code becomes easy to read, write, and maintain, while also becoming portable. Supporting a new architecture is as simple as recompiling.
Take advantage of the latest computation technologies
NSIMD supports the latest SIMD technologies such as Intel AVX-512 and Arm SVE. The abstraction layer is very thin and allows you to have a zero-cost access to the latest technologies.
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NSIMD main features

Vectorize your computations with any native type on any architecture to accelerate your business algorithms.
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Vectorized advanced mathematical functions
Gain access to fast vectorized advanced mathematical functions including trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential functions
Image processing features
Use helper functions to load multi-channels images such as RGB, YUV or YUYV in a vectorized way
Accelerate your AI algorithms
Load tensors in a vectorized way and make fast computations with each of their components using IEEE 16-bit floating point numbers to speed up neural network inferences

System requirements

NSIMD only requires a compatible C89 or C++98 compiler
  • Windows/Linux 32/64 bits
  • GCC/Clang/MSVC
  • Intel/AMD x86 processors
  • ARMv7, ARMv8 processors
NSIMD should work everywhere as long as the compiler is C89 or C++98 compliant

One license, one price for one user and multiple uses

Use NSIMD to develop your apps, your algorithms and resell them alongside NSIMD with no fees and no royalties
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